1987 Ford F-150 - Control Module

The control module keep burning out.I put a new one on and it ran for a minute and the gas not flowing. What kind of shortage that may be cause this issue?

Which control module are you talking about? Are you saying the fuel pump isn’t running?

Yes I put on a new control module and it ran for a minute but the fuel pump not flowing that’s new as well but there is a shortage that is burning out the module.

You say the module “keeps burning out”. How many times has this happened?

If you look by the Diagnostic Connector Link you should see a single wire with plug on it. That is a spllce wire from the ground for the trigger circuit in the fuel pump.
This ground occurs very briefly when the key is first turned and is kept going by a running engine.

Use a VOM to test continuity or test light (clip connected to a hot power source) and probe the single plug on the tan/green tracer wire.
When the key is turned on (not cranking) you should see continuity on the VOM or the test light should be illuminated for a couple of seconds. Once the engine is cranking you should also see continuity or an illuminated test light.

If no, then the ground circuit for the fuel pump relay trigger circuit is faulty in the ECM.

If this has only happened twice (original + 1 replacement) then I would not read too much into that as being chronic. Can you not return the ECM IF it is faulty?
Hope some of that helps.