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1986 Towncar missing brake fluid, 155,000 miles

My brake pedal went to the floor and the red “brake” warning light came on.

The back chamber of the master cylinder was almost empty of brake fluid.

I had my shop go over everything. They even removed the master cylinder from the vaccum brake booster. They found nothing wrong and NO leaks, nothing even wet.

We topped off the chamber and I’m watching it. I still don’t think the brake pedal is as hard as it should be. Any thoughts as to where the brake fluid went.

Thank you

You either have a leak or the last time you had a brake job the mechanic did not top off the reservoir in the master cylinder and what was in there has since moved to the wheel cylinders as the pads wore.

I checked the cylinder about a month ago and it was full. I will be checking it daily now. Will post when I find out what’s going on.
Thank you very much