1986 Ford LTD Wagon Help

I brought my 1986 Ltd in to get an estimate on repairs, and found out it’s going to need a new engine, something about the rings leaking oil. It has a few other issues-- the front brakes and rotors need to be replaced etc… There are a couple of mechanics at the shop who are interested in buying her, she looks pretty good with minimal rust, and the original hubcaps, and she starts and drives fine-- just leaves a puddle of oil where ever parked. How much would be reasonable to ask for her price wise? Any help is appreciated, and there are pics of her posted on the station wagon forum if you want to take a look, she’s the only blue 1986 LTD in the gallery.

Thanks much

I’m confused - ‘leaves a puddle of oil’ isn’t caused by the rings. Oil leaks require new gaskets, not rings. Does it smoke a lot?

There are two leaks, the other–I think–had to do with the oil cap which has a length of hose attached to it. There is some smoke, but nothing extreme, and there’s a burning oil smell.

Thanks much:)

So let’s straighten out a few things:

You’re burning oil, because you need a ring job

And you’ve also got a large oil leak


Do you have the midsize LTD wagon?

Or the full size crown vic ltd wagon?

Do you really need to get top dollar for the car?

If you sell, are you in a position to buy another suitable car?

That sums up the mechanical problems and it’s the small LTD wagon. I’m planning on buying a ‘newer’ used wagon or an SUV–something more suited for a MN winter. And no, I don’t need top dollar, just wondering what a reasonable price would be.


Look at nadaguides.com, classic cars tab to get some pricing info. Need to know engine size. Low retail runs around $1300 or so. You may need to deduct from there, based on your known engine problem, but that’s a ballpark to start with.

Thanks much jayhawk, that’s what I needed:)

If you get $1,000 you’re doing great. Good luck!


Does your wagon have the 5.0 (or was it a 302) V8?

If so, that would explain why some of the mechanics want to buy it

They might want to turn it into some sort of a sleeper, because there’s a lot of speed parts out there for the 5.0