1986 Ford F-150 hasn’t started since fuel pump replacement

!986 f150 parked one day has not started since new fuel pump relay good no power to pumps

Better trace power back from pumps to relay then

Maybe this will help. It’s comparatively simple to follow. Notice on the left side a “To Test Conn Pin 6” notation with a tan/light green wire. That is a splice and with the key on if you run a wire from that connector (located by the diagnostic connector) to ground you should hear the fuel pump run. If the pump does run then you need to consider that the ground circuit in the ECM is faulty (verified with a test light or ohmmeter) or there is no signal from the ignition module. This truck uses the TFI module setup which is trouble prone.
Do you know how to pull diagnostic codes on this truck?

What a great diagram illustrating all the possibilities. There’s at least 6 components (besides the pump relay) that could be causing the pump not to run. Plus the wiring and connector at the pump that was replaced. The check via diag connector is great first step. I would also check the inertia switch as it is easy to check and have seen a few inadvertently tripped…

Kudos to @ok4450 for the diagram. Wow, three fuel pumps. I suspect that if the inertia switch isn’t causing the trouble then a blown fusible link will be found.