1985 Toyota Pickup - how hazardous to take one pin from each cap?

1985 toyota pu, 2wd, 4spd trans, standard bed, 1 ton. ujoints replacement. one cap had 4 bad pins, caused by me. took one pin from each other cap, now all caps missing one pin. how hazardus is this?

You’ll find out when the drive shaft starts shaking.



It will vibrate a bit at first and destroy itself a bit later.

U joints are cheap, just replace it with a new one now. You will have replace it shortly since it is missing needle bearings.


It should last long enough to get you to the parts store and back home.


already put on 250 miles with no ill effects. local parts store is " two weeks from everywhere."

thats my plan, thanks, but so far so good.

thats my guess. original ujoints had no zirts or even fitting ports for zirts. only lasted 262,000. miles. vibrating fit to wake the dead by the time i changed them. had bigger and longer pins than napa replacements. a few pins came loose in the cup just enough to get broken when i was cranking down on the c clamp. next week i will go the 70 miles to get a new u joint, and some other parts as well. but so far, 250 miles with no problems. fingers crossed. thanks for the reply.

Then order new ujoints from rockauto and you’ll have them in less than two weeks.


Rock Auto, Amazon, etc. No need to put on all those miles and spend that time and money to buy parts like these.

dont have a credit card, but i can put parts on order at O’reilees, which cant be any slower than napa. i live out in the backside of beyond. at any rate, to be on the safe side, i will swap this ujoint out asap, when i get a replacement part. and thank you for your promp an courtious response. ps, i never could spell for beans, and the google has thoughtfully removed spell checker (which was an excellent bit of software) from my cell phone gmail. they replaced it with spell wrecker, that automatically replaces my word choices with gibberish, and which i have turned off.

dont have a credit card. had one once, couldnt stand the way the bank kept messing with my account, lying to me, and making boooogus service charges. once again i deal strictly in cash, aka, the poor mans credit card.
otherwise, rockler would, i agree be a good choice. anyway i had to put on those miles to go for groceries anyway. i live way out in the hinterlands because i dont care for big city life. none the less, thank you for taking the time to send me an email. you were very nice to do so, and i appreciate your reply to my question.

I hear you on the bank stuff, My bank wanted 25k in funds for no charge, credit union $100, so you might want to check out a credit union.

Good luck with the truck!

A word of caution about U-joints from O’Reillys. A few years ago my daughter called me about a vibration in her Mustang. Someone told her it was probably U-joints. At the time my wife was in the hospital not doing well but I made the 1:15 minute drive down there; stopping at O’Reillys to pick up a pair of U-joints.

I found the originals bad and replaced them. I did not double check things or test drive the car as I needed to return to the hospital. My mistake.
The daughter called the next day and still had a vibration in it. So back down there I go, remove the driveshaft, and found a bit of sideways slop in the joints. Something I should have checked originally.

I called a driveline specialty place and asked if they had joints for the car. He said yes they did and wanted to know, “Did you buy those joints at O’Reillys?”. Yep. He then told me they had seen numerous cases of U-joints from them that did not fit right.

So I went to the driveline shop, bought a pair of Spicers, and all was fine after installing those. If you use the O’Reilly joints check them over very carefully after installing them; something I did not and should have done.

thanks, i will keep it in mind, and take the original (front u joint came out without damage, and had very little wear) as well as my calipers to assure a proper fit.

i changed banks, but the small banks are hamstrung on what they can offer, because the big banks have powerful lobbies. that is the big banks pay senators lots of money to rig the game in their own favor. as i like to say, a free market sounds like a great idea, too bad its never been tried. i guess i could consider a credit union, so thanks for letting me know about the benefits of that. anyway next week will be the week to crawl back under my truck. and knock out that ujoint, and put in one with all its pins.

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