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1985 Toyota MR2

Does anyone know places you can get parts for a car this old. Need both rear quarter panels. I know some can be found at, but not body parts.

You mean newly manufactured parts? I presume you already know you can probably get used versions of these part from junkyards and pick and pull places.

When it comes to quarter panels for this type of vehicle, you fabricate them yourself.

You form sheet metal to fit in the sections that are cut out and weld in the new sheet metal.

Anything other than this, you’re slathering Bondo on.


The first logical step would be to do an internet search for MR2 forums, clubs or any other kind of search question you can think of.

I just figured junk yards would not have many of these. They are very rare. No surprise you can find everything, almost, on ebay. Found both rear quarters there and about everything else. For about $400 price for both.

You’re right. Junkyards won’t have many of them, and on the rare occasion they do get one, MR2 guys will descend like vultures and pick its bones clean within a couple of days.

For a low-production car that old, $400 for both quarters is a steal. Expect to pay at least that anywhere else unless someone knows you and gives you a friends-discount.

Thanks Same mountainbike. May be able to find some parts from that. You are right Shadow, that is a good deal. I am looking for someone who is looking to buy my MR2, if he does not buy it I may buy those quarter panels.

Mr.2s are actually very good and collectable vehicles. Much better than they were given credit for, only because they lacked a high price and enormous horses. You should have no problem selling it.

Sincere best.

Just read this today, yes I did sell it for a reasonable price. I was more interested in selling it to someone who wanted to fit it up than someone wanting it for parts. So in a year he thinks he may have it all fixed up and on the road. I also get first dibs on buying it back if he wants to sell it.