1984 Toyota Tercel needs a mechanic

My 1984 Toyota Tercel 4 wheel drive station wagon is in need of routine service and probably a brake job. My regular mechanic is on the other side of the city, so I am looking for someone near Park Merced (SF State)

Look in CarTalks Mechanics Files for a mechanic.

BTW, You might THINK “Park Merced (SF State)” describes where you are, but it doesn’t.

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My regular mechanic is on the other side of the city

So what, if you trust this person why even look around.

Good point Volvo_V70. If it ain’t broke…

Maybe I should have said "southwest portion of San Francisco instead of “Park Merced (SF State)”
Has been pointed out that I should stick with the mechanic I trust and stop bellyaching about driving a few extra miles.

That would generally work. Forum members are here from all parts of the US and beyond (we have a Danish regular).

You might want to join this group. They are really enthusiastic about these great little cars.


I think it’s great you are keeping your Tercel on the road. The Tercel and later Echo have always been favorites of mine to see running about. Never owned either though. Had a gf some years ago who owned an Echo, but she wouldn’t let me ride in it … lol … seriously, she was really quite possessive about her Echo ! As mentioned above, best to use your tried and true mechanic. If you want to find a mechanic closer to you, ask your friends, co-workers, anybody you know who they use, and go interview a few from that list, preferably those that specialize in Toyotas or at least Asian cars. Suggest to not rely an internet advice from unknown posters to find a mechanic. Too much chance of a conflict of interest.

Just curious, how many miles you got on your Tercel? Original engine and transmission? Manual or automatic?


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Thanks. Good pointer

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That Tercel Wagon has a good following.