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1984 Ford Mustang - popping

I have a light tapping noise coming from the back of the motor the motor has a 4 barrel carburetor what can I do to fix this issue. It’s a 5 speed manual transmission 74k on dash

Well first you need to find out what is making the noise before you decide how to fix it.

Knocking is never good and usually means the engine is about to break/seize/blow up requiring complete replacement. If you don’t like that answer, we’ll need much more information.

What engine? 302 V8? How many miles? What transmission? Does the knocking get faster with higher engine rpm? Does it happen all the time? Or just whet hot? Heavy knocking - think 3 lb sledge hammer against a rock, or tapping? What oil pressure does the car show at idle? At 2000 rpm? Answer all these questions and we’ll try and give you a more precise answer.

It’s a 5 speed manual transmission 74k on dash can’t get it to start anymore

What happens when you turn the ignition key?
Does it crank, but not start?
Do you hear no sounds at all?

Since you didn’t answer any of my questions, the only answer I can give you is the engine is locked up and needs to be replaced. Good Luck

Could be the flux capacitor needs calibration…:smile:

And if calibrating the flux capacitor doesn’t fix it check for seized muffler bearings

Forgot to add that if you want some serious answers you need to answer @Mustangmans questions


Yea it cranks but doesn’t start

It cranks but won’t start I replaced the distributor but I’m getting the same problem what can it be

Have you checked for a worn/jumped timing chain?


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No but I will check it out

Curious, why did you replace the distributor?
After following Testor’s advice and if timing chain is okay, you need to be sure the distributor is correctly orientated.
After all this, then you need to go back to your original problem which has multiple possibilities from a simple dry/collapsed lifter to engine having swallowed a valve. A compression test may help you there. Could a rod or wrist pin.
If you really like the car and have really, really big buck you can pull that tired old 302 and drop in a Coyote.