1983 Mercedes 280SL Battery Discharge in cold weather

I have a 1983 Mercedes 280SL (german model shipped to US - 6 Cyl engine). In cold temperatures only,the battery drains down. There is a 5-6Amp draw that is intermittant every 15 seconds.

In warm weather this does not occur (over 50 degrees F.)

It must be a temperature sensor that activates a relay for some kind of heat or pressure switch - or environmental control.

Any suhggestions and where to look for the sensor or relay location?

I doubt it is a temperature sensor causing this trouble but obviously there is a connection being made somehow due to the temperature changes. To help pin the area down I suggest you pull fuses in the main panel under the hood one at a time to help locate the circuit the fault is on. When you pull the the right fuse the trouble will stop. Once you know which fuse the trouble is on it will narrow the areas down to look for the trouble.

Just as a hunch, you might start the hunt by disconnecting the alternator first. If you do that be sure to remove one of the battery leads first before you disconnect the main lead. That lead is hot to the battery so make sure it is isolated from ground and anything else while you work on it.