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1980 Chevrolet Citation hard braking

Hello, I owned a 1980 Chevy Citation 4 cyl AT. Much is known about the rear brakes locking up with those with MT. There was a recall. On my automatic, however, the power brake assist would often fail resulting in a couple crashes for me. There was an investigation into this in 1983 but I can’t find what the outcome was - what the actual culprit was. Really curious to know, if any of you know. NHTSA Action Number: DP83010. No Chevy dealers would help me, as I recall. Thanks for any information on this to satisfy my curiosity… ab

Why do you keep driving this car? I owned a 1982 Citation for about 2 days then parted it out and junked the body. I didn’t want my wife or kids driving it or anyone else for that matter.

i think the car is long gone if i read it right.

almost sounds like quote gathering for a lawsuit

I got rid of my '81 Chevy Citation (Manual Trans) in 1986, and would have gotten rid of it sooner if I had been able to afford to dump it sooner.

The problem areas on my car were the transmission (rebuilt under warranty), the clutch, the e-brake system, the ignition system, and the crappy paint job. Luckily, I purchased the extended warranty on this car, so I wasn’t on the hook for too many of those repairs until that warranty expired. However, I have to say that the service brakes on that car never gave me any problems, the power brake booster never failed, and the brakes never locked-up.

All of that being said, I really can’t imagine anyone wanting to drive one of these cars nowadays. They are not–and will not ever become–classics. They are not particularly economical, and they have many design flaws that result in ongoing repairs. I think that the OP should just be glad that he no longer owns this bad example of 1980s American design, and should just forget about it.

I have to add that, no matter how bad my Citation was, it was still a better, more reliable car than my '74 Volvo. Now THAT was a true POS!