1979 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible - Broward County mechanic seach

Looking for a mechanic in the Broward County area that can work on vintage pre-1980 VW beetles .

I have no idea where Broward County is . But the chance that someone from there ( Florida ?) sees this post is low. Google is your friend , Search for classic VW repair , VW clubs , Classic vehicle repair or any car club web site might send you in the right direction.

Did you try the “Repair Shops” tab on the top of this screen?

Mr. Fleet , that Repair shop feature is so far out of date that it is worthless . There are plans to update it but that may not happen for sometime.

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OK my mistake.

I only remember Broward County from the OJ Simpson ordeal.

Google is your friend with that task. Or Yelp.

Just Googling “VW Specialist” should be productive.
Not all of them will be experts in VWs of the '70s, but a Google search should give the OP several from which to choose, based on both location and expertise.

You might also post this question on VW forums like VWVortex and TheSamba.


From a quick search these guys popped up,

I guess looking up stuff for yourself is too difficult for some people . But in this case which Broward county . The one in Florida or the one in California or some where else.

Is there a Broward County in Southern CA ? I thought Broward County was in the Miami area. The OJ ordeal(s) were in CA. and Las Vegas.