1978 Ford Pickup parking brake mystery

I didn’t realize until today that I have a parking brake phobia. I talked to my sister and found out she has it too. When we were growing up, if we wanted to drive to school, the vehicle we got stuck with was a 1978 Ford F100 Custom pickup truck with a manual transmission. This vehicle had an occasional glitch. If you used the parking brake, you could always release the parking brake in the cab, but the parking brake didn’t always release somewhere under the vehicle. Our dad had always instructed us to put the vehicle into reverse and try backing up to get it to release if it happened. One time, my sister backed into a stall with a post behind it, used the parking brake, and was stranded later when the brake didn’t release (couldn’t back up). She ended up calling my dad and he had to work underneath the vehicle to get it to release. We developed a fear of using the parking brake and avoided using it like the plague. It has carried over 30 years later. Few questions. What caused this to happen on this truck? Why did backing up help it release? Is there a danger of this happening on newer vehicles (currently drive 2010 Toyota Camry)?

No , the chance is very remote and that 1978 Pickup has nothing in common with anything built after 1990 .