1977 bmw 3201


I was trying to get some idea of how much it would cost to put in a new water pump on a 1977 BMW 320i. Have always loved these cars and have an opportunity to buy one from a friend for cheap, but would immediatly need a new water pump. I saw online that they run about $50. Is is something a relative novice could do to save money?



Be very careful here. If the water pump was leaking it is quite possible that the engine has been overheated. At a minimum do compression and leakdown tests to make sure there is not head gasket or head problems. These would really sour the sweet deal.


I haven’t worked on a 320i in a while, but I don’t think the water pump labor is too bad, maybe a couple of hours work. I would definitely have the car checked out by a good bmw shop if you are really interested in buying it. Do expect to spend some time/money on maintenance/repairs (it is 30 years old).

I had a girlfriend with a 320i back when they were new, I drove it a lot and thought it was a nice little car. She eventually moved out with the car, I missed the car.