1975 GMC Pickup - Hard to start

I live in California and drive a 350 GMC Sprint, which is not garaged. I take it out weekly for a 30 mile spin. It has a new carb, fuel lines and fuel filter and I try to keep fresh gas in it but it has always been hard to start (especially in winter) unless I spray a little Gunk “Quick Start” in the carb first. Then it fires right up. Any ideas on the problem?

At the carburator, turn the throttle all the way with engine off. There should be a good squirting of gas squirting down the carb barrels. If no, the accelerator pump needs replaced. Also, when you release throttle with cold engine, the choke should be in the closed position.

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To add to that… the truck was never designed to run on gas with ethanol added to it. It eats up the carb internals, the fuel pump and the fuel lines. Likely you need a carb rebuild and maybe a fuel pump.

Have to ask, are you pushing and releasing the gas pedal slowly and once to set the choke and high idle before trying to start ?

Poster claims the carb, filter and lines have been replaced.

You don’t tell us the year but if you are stepping down on the gas and releasing it completely as you start to crank, which is the right way to start a carburetored car, then the answer could be as simple as a choke adjustment. Also on the accelerator pump, some carbs havedifferent holes to set the linkage in to decide how much fuel it squirts.

Thank you all for your comments. Yes, I press the gas peddle once, the carb squirts and the choke sets. It almost catches, but doesn’t. Then what do I do? Step on the gas once again? I kind of flood it after the initial “almost” catch. Then I wait. It’s never a problem in warmer weather or if I start it up to every 2-3 days. I use ARCO gas but next fill-up, I’ll look for an E10 ethanol rating.

The ARCO fuel is probably E10 regular . By rating do you mean Octane ? The Octane should not make a difference . I think Mustang is correct that this vehicle was not meant to use Ethanol fuel.

No. Not octane. Ethanol content. Almost all gases have ethanol. Just looking for the one with the lowest content. I’ve had several mechanics try to solve the problem with no success.

E10 is the lowest Ethanol content - that means the fuel is 10 % Ethanol - E15 is 15 % - E85 is 85 % .

Try non - Ethanol if you can find it .

You said, it is never a problem if I start it up every 2-3 days. This tells me your truck is functioning as it should and everything is adjusted right. After 2-3 days you have lost the gasoline in your float bowl. You can replace the needle valve and seat ti see if that holds the gas in longer or crank the starter for about a second and a half to refill the float bowl before you step on the gas.

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Ooh, I’ll try that. Thanks,

I tried cranking the starter a second and a half to refill the float bowl before stepping on the gas (once) and it seemed to do the trick. And that was after sitting 10 days.

Thank you all!