1975 Caprice

I live in NYC, and I’m looking for a recommended shop for my 75 caprice in the area. It needs work, maybe 3k’s worth.

I have to disconnect the battery to even have chance of driving it when I get back, otherwise it doesn’t turn over. AC needs replacing, Window mechanics fixed, stereo…

Someone help! I cant go another summer with my baby sitting in the garage!

The car is not worth sinking 3 grand into unless you just flat love it, rust weevils are not taking over, and it’s near immaculate.

This car is bone simple to work on. There should be no problem in repairing any of what you mention; with the A/C possibly being the most expensive. Even then, I don’t see 3 grand worth of fix here.

If the immediate concern is the battery then have it load tested. If the battery is good then the car has a parasitic draw which needs to be traced. Given the simplicity of the car this should not be difficult to do at all.

Thanks for the help, even though you dont think my car is worth 3 grand! haha. Its a beautiful car and I hope to get it crispy.

Do you know of a mechanic in the tristate? (original question)

No, I do not know any techs in that area and circuitsmith provided a good place to start.

After that, about all I can add is that you should try and locate a shop that has been established for a few years. After finding one check the BBB records or even courthouse filings for small claims suits.
One or two complaints is not a big deal and may mean nothing; multiple complaints could point to a problem.