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1974 Toyota Land Cruiser starts better when cold

I have replaced the carburetor and distributor, rebuilt the motor and it doesn’t like to start when it’s warmed up. Starts better when it’s cold. Almost like it’s flooded. It will start fine if you just shut it off and start it right back up, but after it has set for a while it doesn’t like to start

So it doesn’t like to start when it is warm OR cold?? Does it crank OK, just not want to start?

Have you looked at the choke to make sure it is all the way open when trying a warm start? Closed when making a cold start? Is the carb an identical replacement part or a different type that will fit your truck, like a Weber?

By “rebuilt” what do you mean by this?

Likes to start when it is warm, but not sitting for more than 20 minutes. After that it seems flooded, it turns over fine and will eventually start but not normal. Starts ok when it is cold or if you shut it off and restart within 10-15 minutes. The carburetor is a Webber replacement.

Eric D.

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You didn’t answer my questions about the choke. I’ll add more; Is it electric? Or manual? Or exhaust driven?

I think the choke is not adjusted properly. Carb’ed engines are a compromise in any event and may not work perfectly in all situations. Add the complication of an aftermarket replacement carb that is a further compromise to Toyota’s original. You may find if you adjust it to properly start at 20 minutes, it won’t start as well cold.