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1974 BMW 3 Series - Dash light

euro 1974 BMW 3.0 csi with dash light 'T" and i dont know what it means

Contact a BMW club. Someone there can help you. Start here, and do a web search for other clubs if you have to.

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You mean the “T” meaning you have less than 30 miles of fuel ?

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Thanks…I just the car and I dont even have an owner’s manual…although after looking at all the gauges i saw the needle below the E …i put 5 gallons and voila the light is gone…Thank you very much…


Can your 1974 BMW use unleaded fuel with 10 percent ethanol ? I don’t know but it might be worth checking.

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got it…Thanks

I just put 5 gallon of unleaded gasoline…we have here in GA bunch of gas station that the carry leaded with no ethanol…? any thoughts

First off… Nice wheels… I’ve lusted after one of these for some time. I think @It_s_Me nailed it however… But click on the link I’ve provided… It may be of some use… Particularly page 16… referring to the fuel needed light within the fuel gauge.

Its probably German for you need to “Tanken Up”… OK… I’m here all week… queue the comedy drum beat…


Yes, try not to use regular fuel. Try to use non ethanol gas exclusively. The E10 sold as regular will eat up the rubber in the fuel system.

You might consider changing the rubber hoses, all of them, as soon as you can since they will be old, brittle and not happy with E10.


Just so you you know, there’s no leaded gas for any cars any more. It’s ethanol-free premium gas you want, along with a good classic BMW mechanic (not likely a dealer).


Drove my 72 Nova and 71 f100 until I traded them in in 93, had to replace the fuel pump in the f100, but other than that they seemed to run fine. Got a new job with a 90 mile round trip commute and wanted a new gas efficient reliable vehicle. Bought a Toyota pickup.

You’ll want to join the classic BMW forums, lots of folks like those cars, lots of information to be had.

I am a Mercedes 50’s 60’s collector…i am going with BMW my next will be an 1981 b7 factory turbo Alpina I figure since i am not married and have no kids ( at least not that i know off ) lol and i should be able to save enough money
So you are right joining the bmwcca is a must…Thanks

here is the picture

this car is BAD ASS