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1973 Ford Bronco - Shifter Problem (Automatic)

I have a 1973 Ford Bronco which I acquired a few weeks ago, over all the car is in great condition, recently rebuilt 302 v8, and pretty much original. (Only one previous owner.)

I am having an issue with the gear shift (automatic). The shifter/collar does not always seem to be able to shift. Sometime it will not go into park (will sometimes go to park but not set then fall into reverse, shift indicator will be past park on left side, sometimes not even go out of neutral.)

Depending on the day neutral might be where the D marker is and drive over in the 1 or 2 section. Sometime it will shift with the standard rotation, other times the collar will rotate what should be 3 stops for 1 shift (i.e.: in reverse, shifter at P, i will have to move all the way to D for it to into neutral, then 1 or 2 for drive).

I have attached a video showing exactly what I am talking about since I could not really explained it as well as I wished.

Thanks, any advice would be appreciated.


The shift collar is notched for a little rectangular steel plate spot welded to the shift tube. At the lower end of the tube is another spot welded plate for the lower lever.
It was common for those welds to break and an inspection of those areas is needed.
The collar could be breaking too as well as bushing wear at all linkage connections.

For parts and pictures see page 38, and
Dennis Carpenter makes the original parts from the original dies and molds for old Fords as well as copies and reproductions.