1973 Chevrolet Camaro - Can I add AC?

Can a 1973 camaro have an air conditioner installed even though it did not come with one originally.

Rock Auto shows that air conditioners are available for all 3 engine sizes, so yes you could probably have one installed. It won’t be cheap, and you may need to get a stronger Alternator/Generator to handle the load, but I think it’s possible to have it done

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Agree with @pyrolord314 There are LOTS of older cars that never had AC running around Florida with aftermarket AC units. They don’t look like factory air on the inside of the car but at least they are cool.

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Another thought I had @edmontecucco, you’ll need a longer serpentine/accessory belt as well to accommodate the pulley to run the A/C.

How about right HERE:

Specifically for your 73 Camaro, About $1500, but you will need to find a shop to install it. And it will look a lot like a factory install.

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That’s really not too bad actually…I was thinking parts would be closer to 2000-2500

While doing this I would replace the radiator. Check to see if Chevy used a different radiator for AC equipped cars.

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I’d definitely put in a heavy duty radiator, lots of heat from that condenser.