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1970 Ford F-100

I’ve got a 1970 Ford F-100 with a 360 in it. The negative battery cable started getting hot after it has been driven for more than half an hour or so. It got so hot that it began to melt the terminal connector. The battery also drains but will recharge after a jump. The negative cable is grounded to the engine block and grounded the block to the frame. Any suggestions for how to proceed.

If a battery terminal gets hot there may be a high resistance connection and/or a high current passing through the connection. Have you tried using a wire brush on the battery post and its mating cable connection? Have you tried a new battery?

Any chance the starter motor is remaining engaged?

I have not cleaned anything but there is no visible build up. The battery is a year old and the cables and connectors are brand new.

I don’t think so. Wouldn’t the flywheel eventually eat the bendix nad cause grinding sound?

There should also be a ground connection between one of the cylinder heads to the firewall. Is that ground there?


I don’t think so. I’ll check tomorrow.

If the Positive cable is the same size and it does not get hot but the negative one does, it’s for sure a bad connection on that cable. Both cables are carrying the same current…

Most parts stores will check your charging system free of charge.