1965 T-bird will turn over, but not fire?

follow up, the coil i got from #### was bad, replaced it then got acceptable voltage, still no fire, went back through replaced parts and noticed the points looked like a tab was missing (how i missed it yesterday is beyond me) the adjustable contact on the inside of the points was missing! fixed and car fired up literally. flames shot out of the carb and now i have a nice sucking noise from the top of the carb but it does fire!

I see you started a new thread, but that is really not necessary. Anyone who reads that post will not have all the background information unless they happened to read this thread first.

Since you replaced the spark plug wires, did you get them in the right order. Ford numbers their cylinders differently than anyone else. Its 1,2,3,4 down the drivers side, then 5,6,7,8 down the passenger side, front to rear in each case. The original intake manifold has the firing order on it, probably something like 1,8,6,3,2,7,4,5, but don’t count on that being correct. It has been a while. Next is figuring out which post on the distributor cap is #1.

Never file the contacts on a brand new set of points, it will shorten their life significantly.

i did a one for one swap on plugs and wires and firing order is 15426378 (http://carnut.com/specs/gen/ford65.html)

I was wrong, passenger side first, then drivers side. Check out this site.


Negative side of coil should be connected to the distributor.