12-volt cooking

I was in a truck stop the other day, and they had something I’d never seen before, which has really captured my imagination. There is cookware (crock pots, hot pots, ovens, coffee makers) that run off of your cigarette lighter.

I’m guessing that it would not be good to run these appliances when the car is not running, but would there be any risk to doing it while on a long drive?

And do I have to worry about the voltage, or are all car batteries in the US 12-volt?

You could also use your car engine. In fact there’s a book on it.

Many vehicles (trucks set up for heavy duty accessories, cop cars, emergency vehicles, tow vehicles, etc.) have two batteries with a heavy duty charging system and the ability to run 12VDC accessories without overloading or damaging the systems. I’d be inclined to not want to use something as current-needy as a cooking device without a heavy duty system.

I really would not recommend it unless the car was really set up for it. It is likely you would be putting the changing system to a real test. You might check with the manufacturer of the appliance to determine the power requirements and then with your dealer to determine if that system is up to providing that kind of additional load.