11994 Hyundai Excel

Had clutch replaced, drove a few miles and engine started lacking power, drove on home at top speed it would reach of 5 MPH. Found I was driving with a broken exhaust rocker arm shaft. Replaced shaft and also installed new time belt. Aligned up time marks on both cam shaft and crank shaft with marks on engine block while #1 CYL was at TDC on compression stroke. Car would not run very well, ran very rough, back fired and would not idle, had to race engine to keep it from dying. Replaced distributor cap and rotor, distributor was never removed, replaced coil, plugs, plug wires fan belt, fuel filter and removed catalic converter. Have take it apart several times and each time confirmed all was still in alignment. Each time I took it apart and back together it did seem to run better. Will run smoother now, back fires very little and will now idle. Problem is with trying to time with timing light. The notch on the crank shaft pulley is about 20 degrees off from timing marks on cover on engine to use to time with. No way to move distributor to make up that much distance to time mark. What is wrong?

You kept your cam and crank lined up right but not the distributor drive.I have never done the belt on that engine but thats typicaly what happens.Are you using a manual and following correct cam and ignition timing procedures?

Distributor never moved out of place. Followed manual. Took apart and re-assembled several times making sure all timing marks were correct and #1 CYL was TDC on compression stroke.

did you get this car to run. I have been trying to get ahold of you…I have a 92 EXCEl. It’s common for the REAR (EXHAUST) rocker arm to break on these.This is an interference engine…you can bend a valve(s) on this car if the rocker arm shaft broke. It sounds like maybe your timing belt SKIPPED a tooth. Did you get it to run? #1 is right next to the timing belt COVER. YOu must line up the CAM (UPPER PULLEY)NOTCH in line with this little arrow that sticks out from the ditributor…The crank mark is more obvious: its a small HOLE in pulley- just stick a small white peg into the crank hole and line that up with engine mark…is the car running? I have pics but cannot download on here.
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PHIL, MY EMAIL: RNhib@Copper.net regarding the EXCEL rocker shaft