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100,000 mile check up

I have a 2000 CHEVY ASTRO VAN. It has 96,600 miles on it. I bought it at 83,000 miles. Good Luck So Far! Getting ready to drive cross country. Need advice on everything I should have checked besides oil change. THANKS GUYS & GALS!

Look in your owner’s manual (if you have one). Basically spark plugs, engine coolant, engine air filter, timing belt & water pump, transmission fluid and brakes/brake fluid are the biggies.

You can always take this thing to your mechanic and express your concerns. You should hook up with a good mechanic for your maintenance needs, not some quick oil change place.

As far as things to check:
-Tire pressure
-Transmission fluid level and condition
-Oil level
-Engine coolant level
-Battery age & condition

Repair any known leaks, get any needed preventative maintenance caught up, and you should be good to go. Have fun and good luck.