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10- year old Honda Civic Cross-Country drive- possible?

Hi, i have a 2003 honda civic that has about 80k miles on it, and i need to get it from Los Angeles to Maryland and back over the next year. The car was bought new, but being over 10 years old, will the car be able to take having 6,000 miles put on it over such a short amount of time as 1 year? I admittedly don’t know much about cars, but I thought that around the 10-year/ 75k mile point that cars start breaking down…
Please let me know what you think- thanks!

Have the car checked out thoroughly and correct any problems. Your mileage is low enough to be able to reliably travel cross country, provided the car has been maintained over the years.

Years ago I went on a 7000 mile vacation trip through the US and Canada with a 10 year old Buick pulling a camper trailer. Our only problem was a burned out spark plug wire.

Most put greater then ten on a year. Of you think
Because Your car has a good chance of making it to 100k with daily commuting, it can absolutely do what you want.

Is all scheduled maintenance up to date, especially the timing belt if your car has one? If so, although the car won’t be as reliable as a new car, I wouldn’t worry too much, as long as you make basic preparations if you do happen to break down. Highway miles are easy miles for cars.

I’ve taken my Civic on pretty long trips recently, and it is a 1998 model with 232,000 miles on it. There is very little reason not to take yours. Today’s well-maintained cars should be able to make it to at least 200,000 miles without any major problems.

I have an '03 Civic with 129K miles on it and I’d do it in a heartbeat. Of course I’ve had the timing belt job done on time, new plugs, and all maintenance is up to date. With 80K miles you are way overdue for a timing belt job based on the years the car has been on the road.

If you’ve never done the timing belt job, then I’d not take the car cross country until you get it done. I’d get all the other 105K service done also; valves adjusted, new plugs, new coolant, dump and refill the auto transmission fluid, new radiator and heater hoses, serpentine belt, air filters, etc.

The miles are no sweat if the car has been properly maintained.

What others have said. Have it looked over by a competent mechanic, make sure your fluid levels and intervals are all up to snuff, then go for it. These days, 100,000 miles is just getting the car broken in.

I was driving my 20 year old Riviera all over Minnesota at 3000 miles a month when it had 400,000 plus miles on it. At 50 cents a mile it was a profit center.

Just have it checked out for belts, hoses, brakes, tires, alternator, etc. to make sure it is all up to date. Carry some emergency items like a flashlight, tools, tape, cell phone, and motor club card and enjoy. Once you get on the road and cruise, it is really easy on the car. I always liked to carry a lunch too and a book.

We looked at an 03 with 145k miles. Seller said original timing belt was fine. No worries. For him. Not me.

Took my 1996 Honda Civic manual from Boston to Houston and back twice in the past few years. First trip it had 155,000 miles on it and both trips it never missed a beat. To be on the safe side I had all kinds of spares from bulbs and fuses to belts and hose clamps and 2 radiator hoses and AAA membership. Never needed to use any spares or call AAA. As others have suggested perform maintenace on your car as per mileage reccomendations and good luck with the trip.

Addendum, should have added I had the timing belt changed at 90,000 miles.

Heck, I’d take my '79 accros the country and back !
As the others have stated, it’s all in the condition of the vehicle now and that you have that proven before you leave.

I would do it without hesitation. But if it were mine, all of its maintenance would be up to date, including the timing belt and water pump.

I took my 10 year old Saturn (242k miles) on a 6000 mile journey with giving it a second thought, just checked the tire pressure before leaving.

Thanks everyone!!! I will get a 105k maintenence appointment scheduled, and get going :slight_smile: