10 digit vin numbers

My original vw bug a 1972 super beetle, now has a different VIN number, after I picked it up from the body shop years ago, no wonder it’s been giving me problems. How do I found out what happened.

You don’t say how many years ago this was so if by chance the body shop is still in business that is where to start . And the number has nothing to do with a vehicle having problems .

You think that a different “VIN number” (which means… literally … Vehicle Identification Number Number) is causing mechanical problems?


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The VIN displayed in the windshield does not match your title? The VIN is also stamped into the floor under the back seat.

what is the nature of these mysterious problems . . . ?

mechanical problems?

problems getting the vehicle titled, registered and insured?

problems selling the vehicle, because of vin discrepancy?

How do you know that the VIN is different? What documents do you have to verify this? Note that the VIN was not standardized to the17 character number it is now until 1981. Your bug has a 10 character VIN because it was build 7 years before the VIN was standardized.

Without more information on the body work done, it’s hard to say anything. I don’t remember where the VIN is on a VW but seems to me it was just a metal plate rivited on the firewall or someplace. The dash is non-existant so no place to put it there. It’s possible a new part from a donor bug was welded in depending on the body work done. Maybe like said it is also stamped under the seat, I dunno. VINs though have only recently been put on hoods, doors, and body panels due to the theft of cars and selling the parts.