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10-AT-010 TSB Car shifts to D3: solenoid? Aamco Discount?

My 2007 Hyundai Elantra sometimes while at say 45 or 65mph cannot rev beyond 2500rpm. If I come to complete stop and restart the car, the issue goes away. At 106k miles, I got transmission flush done per the manual (105k). Then car behaved slightly better and one-day, the issue recurred and check engine light came on with codes P0700 and P0743 informing that transmission solenoid may be erratic and as a fail-safe, the car shifts to D3. There is a manufacturer Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) 10-AT-010 on it saying that 46313-23000 needs replaced. Questions:

  1. I have a nice Aamco guy who will drive the car around with scanner attached hoping to catch the issue. If the issue is confirmed, then I will get the job done. Yelp will reduce the cost $675 by $50. Any other coupons available?
  2. Has someone else had similar problem? I don’t want to replace solenoid and then find out that a transmission rebuild is needed. Guidance is appreciated.
  3. I have a mechanic who will do the job for $200+part (~$250). Since the issue is related to transmission, I am thinking of going with Aamco by giving up on ~$175 savings. Right call?
  4. Once solenoid is replaced; how much life would one expect based on prior data i.e. consumer reports etc? If they fail every $100k, should I mark my car for sale after putting say 50k more miles on it and steer clear of Hyundais / Kias in future?

If you have looked at this forum at all you should have seen where the opinion is that AAMCO stands for ’ All automatics must come out". None of the regulars here will say use Aamco for anything. Find an independent transmission shop. As for avoiding Hyundai or Kia I don’t agree with that. Things that are mechanical break no matter the brand.

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I agree with Volvo’s post.

No National transmission chain has a good reputation, in my opinion.

Yeah run don’t walk. There are no such things as “a nice AAMCO guy”. Find a new shop that is a member of ATRA and has a good following. I had the shift solenoids replaced on the Olds at a good ATRA member shop and cost about $350. At some point in the near future you would need an overhaul if you go to AAMCO. If not right away a few months later when it developed more problems.

Let your own mechanic replace the faulty solenoid. Provided it can be done with the transmission still in the vehicle, most transmission solenoid replacement jobs are straight forward and carry little risk of damaging something else. I’m assuming this will be done by an experienced and well equipped mechanic of course, not a friend of a friend who does the job in the parking lot. If that doesn’t fix the problem you 'll have to find a good independent transmission shop. Ask around at the various inde car repair shops which is the best tranny shop in the area. Ask them who they’d take their own car to.

If you want to see a hands-on article on how a minor transmission solenoid job like this is done by a pro, a recent issue of Hot Rod magazine had a good one in their “Hot Rod to the Rescue” section. Hey, even better, I found the exact article on the web. Here’s the link.

Thanks for the responses. Yes, the non-Aamco person who will fix it for cheaper is a certified master technician with pep*b0yz. I trust him. I was earlier thinking that going with a national chain would be a better option; however, the respones above indicate that it may not be the right thing to do… THANKS! I will share what happens next… If there are additional comments / opinions, I welcome them.
I have initiated a search at Thanks!

Oh boy, from AAMCO to Pep Boys? You’re on your own.

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Agreed…@hameshatumkochaha avoid chain shops like the plague. As mentioned above, find a good local ATRA member shop, then find yourself a good local independent mechanic that is well rated and well liked to help with continual care of your vehicle after that. Car Talk’s Mechanic’s Files is usually a better source of information for mechanics than Yelp is.

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Haha, I am not going to Pep Boys. The master tech I know personally just works there. I am looking for shops through ATRA. It was also helpful to learn that Car Talk has mechanics file. Thank you.