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1/year oil change and service

I live in Colorado and have a '97 Mustang convertible which I regularly drive from about May through October when the weather is nice; the other 6 months, the car is in the garage except for that occasional sunny and warm day during the winter. I drive the car a total of about 5K miles per year, and have had the car serviced in May and again in November, but after the November service, I’ll only put on a few hundred miles, then have the car serviced again in May. Can I safely have the car serviced in May only and skip the November service?

Me, I’d do the November service with synthetic oil, and skip the May service. That way it’s sitting with clean oil in it. But yes, I’d go to a once/year routine.

I agree with texases…Put it away with clean oil in November with whatever oil you normally use…

What does the owner’s manual say? Usually, for oil changes, there are both mileage and time intervals, whichever comes first. If the owner’s manual says you can go a year, then fine. If not, I would change the oil at the intervals recommended in the owner’s manual.

I have an '04 T’bird convertible that requires a yearly inspection in October. I get the oil changed then and that’s it for the year. Yearly miles is about 4 to 5K and it spends most of the winter parked, with an outing or two during the winter when the roads are plowed, and dry.

If you want to do better just drain and refill the oil at 6 months, but you don’t need to change out the filter.

Change the fluids in November and immediately put it into storage. It won’t need anything in May except fresh gas.