1. hesitation and bucking,2. negative battery cable

  1. Dealer is telling me I need a fuel pressure sensor for about $470.00 P&L. I was hoping it would be the PEM which is still under the extended warranty. Is the sensor and the PEM one and the same? By the way, 99% of the time the car runs normally. Assuming the sensor and the PEM are different, could the sensor flat out totally fail at any time?
  2. dealer is quoting $490.00 to replace the negative battery cable!! I remember replacing old cables in my old cars, admitedly many decades ago for a few bucks. Even considering that it is a different world now, can a cable cost that much (P&L)?
    PS: Dealer is asking Volvo to consider the sensor as warranty or to participate because I had complained about hesitation more than once starting about five years ago, but they found nothing at that time. My complaint is still in their computer system. I don’t have their answer yet but expect to know right after April 1st.
    Thanks very much for any comments/info. Rakey
    PPS: 2005 Volvo s40 t5


I’m not sure what PEM stands for, but the fuel pressure sensor doesn’t seem to be on the fuel module.

As you can see, even an aftermarket sensor isn’t cheap. $470 parts and labor might be somewhat high. How much are they charging you for the part? What is the hourly labor rate?

The battery cable may very well be part of a fairly large engine wiring harness. That would explain $490 for replacement.

What is wrong with the cable, by the way? Can’t you just clean the corrosion?

A competent old school mechanic should be able to solder one a new negative terminal. We’re talking aftermarket here, though.


If you don’t say year and model Volvo, who can guess at cost of cable. There are companies that will custim make cables for far less that that.

“PEM” = Pump Electronic Module

By googling “Volvo PEM”, apparently it is a common issue with Volvos and there is a recall due to moisture penetration damage (http://xemodex.com/technologyimproved/pump-electronic-module-for-volvo).

It appears that the FPS and PEM are different parts.