1.8TSI engines on golf alltrack: similar or different between Europe and America

Hi There,

my name is Arnaud and i am new to this forum.

I am currently living in Canada and plan to buy a VW Golf alltrack 1.8 TSI. However, i will move for good to Switzerland in about 2 years and want to be sure i won’t have a hard time finding spare parts for the car (and the engine) back in Europe.

Both canadians and swiss dealers have a hard time to confirm its the same engine.

I know the engine in Canadian cars is produced in Mexico whereas the Swiss version in Europe, but cant find some infos on the web to confirm those engines are different (and that i might have a hard time to find spare parts back in Switzerland)

Does anybody has any insight?

thanks a lot and have a great weekend

Are you buying two cars in Canada, Hyundai and VW, and shipping them both from Canada to Switzerland in two years then?

What can the dealers tell you about the emissions and safety equipment differences between the EU and Canadian versions?

This article indicates that the 1.8L is for North America. Instead of contacting dealers, contact the Swiss government and ask if you can import the car and what alterations would be needed to meet their requirements. You might start with the Swiss embassy in Canada.

HI George,

I am buying either one or the other. Will use the car for a while here and then ship it when i move back to switzerland, The reason is that a 25K$ car in America cost 45K$ in Switzerland. And as long as I own it for more than 6m, i won’t pay any taxes and won’t have to comply with any Swiss regulation so no alternation to be made.

I just need to find the car that is as close as its european counterpart, hence my post.




thanks for your message. As explained to George, as long as I own the care for more than 6months, i won’t pay any taxes and won’t have to comply with any Swiss regulation so no alternation to be made.

The dealers are not very helpful. Canadians say its the same (so that i buy) and swiss say its not or they are not sure (so that i buy once back)…



The only way to be certain you won’t run into problems is to wait until you’re there to buy the vehicle. Trying to buy it here entails risk that you’ll run into unforeseeable regulatory problems or, as you fear, inability to get repair parts or repair work done.

The risk is yours to take if you’re willing. I’d be inclined not to.

So you dont think a VW alltrack 1.8TSI (or a hyundai Tucson 1.6T) is basically the same car wherever you buy it?

I thought those brands would save money by simplifying production process and try to make as much things similar as possible, as they do when they share platforms or engines with other brands…

but i might be wrong…

Be very careful with your investigation of the regulatory / safety / emissions requirements between Canada and Switzerland. Taxes and import fees are one thing, modifying your car to local standards is a whole new story.

“Depending on your car and whether it meets Swiss road standards, you may have to undergo testing by the Swiss car registration authorities. Each Canton has its own road vehicle authority, but they follow a common standard. Following testing, you may need to make mandatory modifications to your car in order to continue with the import. Cars with a European Certificate of Conformity can be imported without tests or modifications”.(http://www.helloswitzerland.ch/-/importing-your-car-from-the-usa-overseas)

A friend from Germany was over here for a year. He bought a Dodge Challenger and planned to sell it here when he returned, but he ended up shipping it to Germany as he really liked it and no one back home would have one. While not wealthy, money was not a major obstacle for him. To meet local registration most of the lights had to be changed, turn signal color changed, many other items-not just lights, he had a local specialty shop handle it. $$$$.

Before you ship a car back home, check, double check and triple check to see what changes you may need to make on the car. There is a reason Euro and North American cars are different.

HI Steve,

i checked as many times as possible, and i won’t have to change or pay anything.

Good luck to you. And I mean that sincerely.