09 Kia Rio misfiring, flashing check engine light

yesterday out of no where my rio started to misfire so i immediately took it into autozone to have it checked. when doing so the check engine light was on, but solid.

the tests came back with P0300, P0301, and P0302 or 3. I cant find the papers, but its 3 cyns that are misfiring.

the guy at autozone suggested i try changing out the plugs first since its cheaper and has been known to fix this issue.

the second i bought the plugs i went home and changed them out. once finished i started up the car and not only was the car still misfiring, but the check engine light is now flashing…

i did notice one thing when changing the plugs.

if facing the engine the second coil from the left had a bit of what looked to be rust. i was able to wipe it off with ease.

any ideas on what my next move should be?

could a dirty throttle body be the cause of all this?

Change out the coil with the rust residue. That is residue from electrical arcing. ( damaged coil grounding to the block more than likely )

i went back to make sure all the coils were seated properly and i noticed the pin that sits in the middle of the spring on the coil is missing…

I would get a coil and replace it. Hopefully that will clear your problem. I saw 2 mins on the connector of the coil. Is the pin you are talking about, the one for the spark plug?

yes, the one for the spark plug.

i dont know if i broke it last night or if it broke from ware and tare.

would a missing pin cause misfires on multiple cylinders? im misfiring on 3 out of 4, but only the 3rd from the left coil has the missing pin.

It should not cause a miss fire on 2 cylinders. Check for bad wiring, but I would replace the bad coil before I did anything. I probably would buy 2 one for the missing pin and the other to move around and see if I could clear the problem. There is a condensor in the circuit, capacitor, that could cause a problem. It would think it would cause a problem with all coils.

Ignition pic.

Change all the coils…Shop around, prices can vary considerably…

cant afford all coils…