09 Accord Seats uncomfortable



I had to trade a brand new Corolla in 2005 after only two months because I couldn’t stand the pain. I lost $2500 on the deal, but I don’t regret doing so one bit. I chalked it up to a “health expense”. It was worth every penney.

From now on I’ll take loooooonnnnngggggggg test drives. If it ain’t perfect, I’ll try something else.


Yes, I heard about your ordeal. You did the right thing. If the problem persists despite aftermarket back supports, I won’t hesitate to trade it.

It seems as though the problem these days is indeed with the government-mandated active head restraints. The accord has an “actuator plate” in the back of the seat as the other poster was describing. That is what you feel that pushes into your mid-back (depending on what height you adjust the headrest to). From what I’m hearing, it isn’t just a problem with the accord, although Honda may have done a less good job than some others in placing that thing. I also find the seat bottom too soft–the combination of sinking into it and having something push into my mid-back is not good. I’m all for safety features as long as they don’t affect your ability to drive comfortably. So far, my aftermarket back support does help, but I think I may need a thinner one so that it doesn’t raise me above the side bolsters of the seat (the parts that hold you in place on turns). The dealership is also researching what modifications to the seat itself are permitted, though from what I’ve been reading, there are problems with even automotive trim shops being forbidden to tamper with a government-mandated safety feature.



Add me to the list of unhappy customers. Even my 18 year old, who I was hoping to pawn the car off on, doesn’t like the lump in the seat. Sticking pins to push the headrests forward which pushes the lump down, getting new headrests at the junk yard that don’t go forward, putting some memory foam on the seat, and a few other things can improve the situation, but still I’m left with a seat less comfortable than my 96 Corolla.


If you want to try what I did–it does help a good deal–you can get a McCarty’s Sacro Ease premium back support with a firm backing and memory foam padding. I got the one that goes all the way up to your shoulders so it doesn’t stop at mid-back height. The problem I have with it is it does negate the side bolsters because the padding raises you above the level of them. You’ll feel more jostled on cornering because of that, but you won’t feel the actuator plate and it also helps keep you from sinking into the seat bottom. Depending on your size, it may raise you up too high so if possible, try it out at a retail shop to see how it feels and if you can still adjust everything to the right height. I’m 5’5. I can drive pretty comfortably with it (exception being I haven’t got the exact right steering wheel position yet), but I worry a little that not being nestled within the bolsters could possibly be safety issue. I’d feel safer if I were using the seat without any add-ons, as it was intended–but I also need to be able to drive without back problems.



If you otherwise like the car, maybe consider switching the seats with ones more comfortable. Some interchange.


might not be possible if the seats have the airbags built into them.


We always get 8 way power heated seats with adjustable lumbar on both sides since my wife and I both have back problems. Thjat is why we boughtan Avalon instead of a Camry. We found Accura seats to be better. Maybe you could trade up?


I have 8 way adjustable and heated. Got that also because of my back issues. The problem is no adjustment will prevent you from feeling the thing jutting into your mid-back (other than the after-market back support, which does help).

When did you buy the Avalon? They only recently added the safety feature that causes the problems. I think in the accord people are complaining only about the 08-09 series. Toyotas may not have made the relevant part so prominent, but ever since active head restraints were mandated a lot of people in various makes and models seem to either have neck pain or back pain. When I started this thread, I wasn’t aware of what it was that was causing the problem, but now I know it’s the evil actuator plate associated with the active head restraint. I think given that I can drive it with my back support in it, I’ll wait and see if they come out with a model in the coming year that addresses these issues and would be worth a trade.

And correct, you cannot change seats without losing the side airbag which is built into the seat.


Thanks for the tip. Anything has got to be an improvement over my hodgepodge approach. I figured there was something on the market because this is not rocket science. And I sure hate to take such a big loss on this car. If it works, give me your address and I’ll send you flowers.


You know, in researching on the internet, I see McCarty’s has narrower models than the premium model you got. 12", 15", or 19". wonder if the 15" for instance might nestle in between the seat bolsters and be a more satisfactory solution than they wide one you have.


I am resurrecting this thread. Okay, so I’m at the point of trading this car. It wound up that not only the seats but the steering wheel are uncomfortable for me (now 16K miles later…). I am in the process of shopping cars. The dealership suggested I consult an automotive trim shop before I trade it. The only reason this idea appeals to me is that compared to other cars I’ve test driven, I really like how the car drives, its other features, and reliability. My question is–has anyone tried this interior modification avenue? Will it have any chance of fixing the issues? And anyone know a good auto trim shop in the Boston area?


I had a 2011 Accord and had to trade it after less than 2 months as it was causing chronic back pain. I lost a small fortune but sent a letter to Honda as I traded for a CRV. After several months, Honda has continued to ignore my letter and will not even acknowledge my communication. I asked the dealer for halp and while in the dealership the manager said he was going to get right on the isse and get me in touch with someone. So far several months later, I have been ignored by the dealer and honda. They do have the nerve to keep sending me surveys but do not follow up on my negative comments. Based on Honda’s complete disregard for customer service, my family will never again buy another Honda product.


try contacting the number for the US Honda customer service or regional manager, they might be able to help you.

Unfortunately, if you only drive around the block, you’ll never know how it’ll handle long trips. When test driving a car, tell them you are going for a nice long drive to get a real feel for the car. If they say “Well, we only have 1 route we’re allowed to drive the car on.”, thank them for their time and tell them they lost a potential sale over it.


I had a 2008 accord and I hated those seats. I’m 5’7" and my butt and my left leg would go numb. I traded it for a Saab 9-3 and I find the seats in a Saab very comfortable. The uncomfortable seats and the road noise were a deal breaker for me. I have talked to so many people who have said the same thing.