07 MDX-2 issues

Problem #1:
So I’ve noticed a clunking when I go over sharp bumps or uneven road conditions (think roots under the pavement) at low speeds, such as in a parking lot. The noise is only under the front left tire well area, and the car drives smooth and great otherwise. Is it a bad joint? The closest dealership is over an hour away, so I want to make sure I’m driving there with a real reason. Any ideas? The MDX has about 130K, transmission is great, and new timing belt, so I’m scared it’s some sort of axel/joint problem…

Problem #2:
The check emissions light came on about two days ago. I have filled up since, but it hasn’t gone away. There is not a smell from the exhaust, and there is no rattling. Gas mileage hasn’t changed one bit either! What could it be?? The car has been restarted quite a few times, but the light comes on each time. So confused!

The clunking are the worn suspension bushings. They deteriorate over time. Can be the sway bar bushings. If you crawl under the car and check each bushings, you will find one worn (but not always hard to tell). If you go to the dealer they will replace the worn part. Do you have any warranty left?

Problem 2: Get the OBD-II codes read by a mechanic or an auto parts store and post them here. We will help you interpret what they might mean.