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'07 Hyundai Accent hatchback

Hi everyone, this is my first post here ever. As you guessed I have an 07 hyundai accent and im somewhere between 42 and 43000 miles. I just now changed the breaks and Im sure I should have done it sooner, but I noticed that just like with my old breaks, I have to push the pedal nearly all the way in to actually stop, but I can ease on it so slowly stop. Im pretty sure this wasnt the case when I first got it. Does anyone know whats up with this mess?

Were the brakes bled after the pad replacement? Were the rear brakes adjusted? If not, that will give you a low pedal. It needs to be checked by a good mechanic.

Thanks or replyin missleman. My buddy, who is a mech, who helped said they wouldn’t need bled. I was gettin a low peddle for some time even with the old brakes so now I’m thinkin there may be somethin else at issue.

If you’re like my wife, you never park on a hill & never use the parking brake.

To keep the rear brakes on her 02 Sonata adjusted I operate the parking brake about 10 times once a week.

Your Accent probably works the same, try that on yours and see if it helps.

You are correct on that, I don’t usually park uphill and the last time I used my parking was last month durring oklahomas last snow storm, it actually kept me from sliding into another car. But ya, I next to never use it nor park uphill. So correct me if I’m misreading, but your sayin I should use my parking/E brake about 10 times each week and the should relieve the problem of pushing the pedal in all the way just about? Oh ya and about rear brakes, idk if sonatas are FW or RWD but mine is Front wheel drive. It may work the same though.

Yeah, the next time you are in your car pull up on the park brake as hard as you can, release it all the way & repeat 20 times.

Any difference in your regular brakes now?

Have the rear brakes been inspected? This car should have drums on the rear and drum brakes that are worn or out of adjustment can even mimic a failing master cylinder with low pedal and all.

This is something that gets overlooked a lot.