06 Sonata

I have 2006 Sonata GLS with the V6, it has 55000 miles. This past winter I have been having trouble starting it. I turn the key, the dash lights come on but the car doesn’t start. Nothing happens with the engine, no clicking or sounds at all. I turn the key off and try it again and again until it finally does start. It has been a sporadic occurence but has been getting worse. I have had to the dealership, but of course it DID start for them! They checked it out anyway and found nothing. I would appreciate any help you can give on what it might be and if it falls under the powertrain warranty? Thanks!

Probably the ignition switch? Or the sensor that makes sure the brake is on and that the car is in Park? Is it an automatic?

Are the battery connections clean of corrosion and tightened? Take them apart and clean them.

If this happens, I’d try shifting to Neutral and try starting in case it’s the Park/Neutral safety switch.

I hate to tell you this, but the issue is NOT going to be covered under your Powertrain Warranty. This is because the issue you are having is an electrical issue, and the powertrain warranty only covers the engine, the transmission, and certain suspension components that causes the car to drive down the street.

Your problem is most likely going to be:

Aged battery. If the battery is the original one, you might want to replace it.

Failing Ignition Switch. Since you have to turn the switch over and over again before the starter turns the engine, its possible the start position of the switch is faulty.

Failing Safety Interlock Switch. There is a switch in the brake pedal assembly that needs to be triggered when you press the brake pedal as you turn the key. If this switch is failing, then the car won’t crank the engine when you turn the key, because it thinks you are not pressing the brake pedal.

Failing Park/Neutral Interlock Switch. Similar to above, but this one is when the transmission is in Park or Neutral will it allow you to crank the engine.

Failing Starter Solenoid or Starter. This is the component that receives the electrical command to crank the engine over. If these don’t work, then you’re not going anywhere.

Take your car to a mechanic, and have them diagnose the issue.


I find that my battries last about 4 years. This is an inexpensive fix that you can do yourself - it will cost about $100. Just return the old battey to the place you bought the new one from and they will take car of disposal. And return the core deposit on the new batery.

I agree that this wont be covered under the powertrain warrany.

Take a look at the warranty info that came with the car. Seems the 5 year/60,000 mile bumper to bumper waranty should cover this.

Good luck with it.

Thanks for all the help! The battery is in good shape and has been checked and it’s an automatic. I think it’s electrical and I am taking it in to the dealership tomorrow with all this info. Thanks again!