06 rav 4 low gas milles

i got a rav 4wd 4 cly w/ 27000 m i fill up the tank and if i drive very carefuly i get 10 miles per gallon , my warrenty it’s over in two weeks , the dealer ex toyota say’s thay see noting wrong , i’m going back tues ,+ the catolic converter been change 2 x’s HELP ME SOME ONE PLEASE

Burning up two catalytic converters indicates the engine is running rich. Thus the poor fuel mileage. The two things that should be checked for are either a thermostat that’s stuck open or faulty coolant temp sensor for the computer. If either of these are faulty, the computer will fail to go into the closed loop mode causing the engine to use more gas. And burning up catalytic converters.


Be sure to document everything. Any unresolved problems like this extend the warranty on that part of the warranty. You also may want to check out your states lemon law information.



you guys told me about the 2 catolic converts, gas is too rich & the lemon laws in mass i wrote to them 2 years ago they just push me to the side w/ no result my warrenty runs out may 9 2009 , i know i got a bad 06 rav 4wd also the timming belt makes a lot of noise the engenier from toyota said it’s no problem , they just give me the run a round an till the 3 year’s are up HELP PLEASE this is my first car i bougth great luck , save my money to them it’s noting expresway toyota boston mass

Have you been to only one dealer? It’s probably time to see what a different dealer says.

What reason were you given for replacing the catalytic converters? They don’t just wear out.

rotten egg smell ‘‘sulfer odor from exhaust’’ r&r front exhaust pipe assembly

Timing belt is making noise??? Doubtfull.

There isn’t much WE can do. You need to go to the dealer and MAKE them fix it. Demand that they fix it. Look in your owners manual about the Lemon laws and what to do.

If you are going to send any additional written communication to Toyota, I repectfully suggest that you have the letter written for you by a friend or relative who has good communication skills. When businesses receive letters that are difficult or impossible to interpret, these letters tend to be pushed to the side, rather than being dealt with.

Whether you think that this reality is fair or not, people really do judge you by the way that you speak and the way that you write, and poorly written letters are unlikely to be judged positively. Get help when sending the next letter to Toyota, and you may get a better result.