06 Honda Civic rear end

I bought a Honda Civic because it was closest to the width of my 87 Honda Accord (375K miles)and fit on my car dolly. I am happy with my 40 + or - mpg, but not happy the way the car handles on packed snow or ice/black ice. The rear end has a mind of its own. Two sets of tires and they have all cupped on the inside and give lots of road noise. Tires are rotated every 5k miles by Les Schwab, streight and crossed.

The dealer knows that there is a problem and changed Honda directed Rear upper torque arms under warranty—no change in tire wear or squirrel rear end. The car is scary to drive on slick roads. My older accord never had that problem. Is there a fix/ or do I have to put up with this problem? I have notified NHTSA and filed a complained with Honda and have a case number.

I like the miles per gallon, but should not have to put up with a bad design. The 06 Honda Accord is a stable platform, but too big for my needs.