06 Crown Vic - Oil Leak


So I would do this in drive? Sounds interesting. Lol

The trans fluid is pink. Looks good.

The dye for finding the oil leak is coming Monday. I have been checking the oil every other day to make sure it’s within normal range. Have spare in the trunk. At least until I can pinpoint the issue and not waste money.

I did briefly look at the oil filter area and it is dirty/slick. Definitive leak somewhere around there. Side of the pan where the sea is is also “wet” but means nothing as it could be dripping down.

May try to spray some purple power on it and let it soak. Then a quick spritz of water to rinse it off.

No, reverse. You put the transmission into reverse and let the engine idle for about 30 minutes. That is how you flush out the reverse circuits. I don’t know if this would work for you, it is a Saturn thing but I have never heard of it being used outside of the Saturn community.

It’s only a few bucks and can’t hurt, I’d do it again.

So I will try anything once. Did this for 35 minutes. Couldn’t hurt right? We shall see.

I did a 12 quart dump by disconnecting the line to the radiator, porting it to a bucket and filling to keep up with outflow. It looked fine on the dipstck but dirty as hell in the bucket.

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The oil pressure sending unit is usually near the oil filter. It could be leaking. Clean around the oil filter base real good, then drive a short distance, stop and check around the base for fresh oil. If you see any right there, replace or have the oil filter replaced ASAP and have them make sure that an old gasket isn’t stuck on the oil filter housing. That surface needs to be cleaned off really good, then a coat of oil put on hte gasket of the new filter. If you are near due for an oil change, do it now and don’t use a quicky lube place. Use a good mechanic. It could be worth it.