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05 Subaru Forester timing belt

Is replacing the tentioner needed? The dealer says very rarely. water pump and belt quote was $800. thx

It’s cheap insurance to change it since their already changing the belt anyway . YMMV

How many miles are on it?

98k. dealer quote for tensioner:$ 175

I’d change it. And the water pump too.

If one or the other goes, it’ll cost you the whole thing over again. Either will destroy the belt if it goes, and possibly even the engine. Think of it as cheap insurance.

It will take you another 8 years to get to 200,000 miles, when you will need another timing belt. If you plan to keep it for 4 more years (12 years total) or less, it is unlikely you will need the tensioner. I had the same dilemma with my 2005 Accord. The dealer and a respected indie garage both said that they would only replace the tensioner and seals if they appeared to need it upon inspection. The dealer did the job, and did not report any problems. Yes, it’s insurance, but you can go broke doing all thise insurance jobs: idler, oil seals, radiator hoses…

I’d let them inspect the tensioner and decide then. Also, does the quote include new coolant and a new serpentine belt? Both have to be removed. The charge should be for parts only.

Coolant included. Says they always inspect tensioner but that they rarely need replacing. Good idea re: serpentine belt. Thanks