05 Prius hesitates before accelerating

My 05 Prius annoys the piss out of me in stop-and-go driving. When I accelerate from a stop sign, there’s a hesitation- maybe a second- between when I hit the pedal and when the car starts moving. Is this normal?

My other vehicle is a gas-hog 78 Chevy C10 hot rod. That things goes like hell when I hit the gas, which makes the prius hard to adjust to.

How’s your mpgs? Sounds like something in the electrical battery/motor side (but that’s a pure guess). You might post this over at priuschat, lots of Prius owners there.

We’re getting ~50 mpg on snow tires.

Sounds like the mpgs haven’t changed, that’s good. Have you had it scanned at an auto parts store? They’ll do it for free.

Could this hesitation be caused by the engine shutting off when you stop? The engine automatically restarts when you press the accelerator, which could explain the delay.

Is this a recent problem, or has it alwasy done this?