05 Outback Gas Smell and No Heat From Passenger Side Vents

I have a 2005 Subaru Outback which was purchased new, that now has 63000 miles on it. Over the last year I have had the smell of raw fuel entering the cabin when running the heater, A/C or Window Defogger with recirculate air off (Let fresh air in). I have taken it to the dealer multiple times to be told they smell nothing. Finally after my warranty was up they suddenly smell it. Go figure. Anyway, they kept my car for 3 weeks and then found out that the dealer had to have corporate tech come to look at the car since the dealershio could no narrow the problem down. So what was discovered by Corp Tech was, headgasket leak. Also, they wanted to replace the following items: Fuel Lines, Fuel Injectors and Seals, Headgaskets, Spark Plug Seals, and a full HVAC Service and flush. PS- SOA paid for it all! But now the car still has the gas smell and now that they servied the HVAC system, I now haveno heat coming out of the passenger side of the car. Anyone else have these issues and what was done to correct it… The heater problem really has me annoyed as it was fine before they serviced the HVAC system. Also, note that the gas smell has been sigificantly reduced in comparison to before the car had all those items replaced. So, something was fixed, but only to a certain point. It has now been 3 weeks since the car was returned to me and once again the smell gas is back, but not as pronouced as before. The heat problem really is the mainissue I have now. Has anyone have a suggestion as to why heat would only come out of the driver side vents and not the passenger side. (Yes the vents are open) This also affected the front defogger, it only heats the drive side. if you run your hand over the vents you will feel hot air come from the driver side, but cold on the passenger side. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Also note that this is not a cold weather issue as the gas smell has been happening all summer long in 90 plus degree weather, but is also worse when its cold outside, either way I don’t think it is the cold wesather that is the issue. PS- I live in Northern NJ.

Hello…Good Luck have an 01 Ltd Wagon with a problem that sounds the same it was a breather hose and I’d taken it to the dealer several times without them catching it. I took it to a local shadetree mechanic and he found it quick and a lot less!! Best of Luck. David

Where the heck is the breather hose located. Is it under the manifold? Is it the little tube that seems to run from the fuel lines on the passenger side of vehicle back up to the manifold?

I have a 05 Legacy with the same heater problem: Heat only on driver side. My 14 yr. old son is complaining as I drive him to school - I just told him to wear a heavier sweatshirt as winter is coming to Boston.
Was the breather hose the solution to the heating problem?

No the problem is not the breather hose. The heat issue is still being investigated by the dealership and SOA. They think it might be the heater core is plugged up and want to do a heater core flush. Will let you know how it goes. I should know by Wed what the status is. By the way the dealership could not resolve this on their own. they needed to call their Subaru Technical Service line which is available to all Subaru Technicians. Will post again when I have a more certain answer.