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'05 LeSabre Gas Cap problem

Recently (April 08), the GAS CAP LOOSE indicator showed up on dash panel. I replaced the cap with a new gas cap but the light would not go off. Next day the SERVICE ENGINE SOON indicator came on and I took it to the local Firestone dealer. They asked if I ever ran the engine while I was putting gas in the tank - NO - and did I keep putting gas in after the nozzle clicked off - NO. They ran the usual tests and the only code in the system was for a loose gas cap. They replaced my new gas cap (from the dealer) with an after market one and reset the codes and charged me for a diagnostics test and a new gas cap. A couple of weeks and about 6 fillups later (I drive about 97 miles round trip to work each day) about half way to work one morning the GAS CAP LOOSE light came on again. When I stopped to get a cup of coffee, I checked the gas cap and it was on tight. When I started the car, the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light came on and I drove directly to Firestone. This time they ran some more tests, including a “smoke” test. There were no indications of any pressure leaks but the code indicated a problem with the vapor canister valve and emission control. A couple of hundred dollars later, they reset the codes (and replaced the aftermarket gas cap with a dealer gas cap). Needless to say, I’ve taken it back 3 more times for the same GAS CAP LOOSE and SERVICE ENGINE SOON problem. They have not been able to find anything else in the codes and after the last time they informed me that they would have to start charging me if I brought it back in again for the same problem. The manager say that they could not find anything wrong and since it was not hurting anything, I’d have to “live” with it unless I was willing to “pay” for a more detailed “in-depth” diagnostics and trouble-shooting repair.

Can anyone help me? I’m don’t have the money for a more detailed “in-depth” diagnostics and trouble-shooting repair.


Believe it, or not, Firestone made the right moves. Yes, they did. What they are telling you now is, “Hey, we’re out of ideas. Please, don’t ask, again!”.
I saw a car maker’s technical service bulletin on your problem, recently. My perfect memory took a vacation, and I can’t remember who the car maker was. It would help shake some of the neurons loose if you stated your vehicle’s sub-model, engine size, and hair color…On second thought, I don’t need to know one of those (hair color?).

I believe that should still be covered under the warranty so this is one the dealer should be addressing and is likely subject to the lemon law if they can’t find a fix for it. My guess is there is a bad sensor or a leak in the system. But that should not be your problem to figure out, it is the dealer’s problem. I believe (someone will correct me if I am wrong) you have 8 years or 80,000 miles on those parts.

“is likely subject to the lemon law if they can’t find a fix for it”

Lemon Law? On a car that is at least 3 years old??