05 Honda CR-V



malfuntion indicator lamp came on,vehicle has approx. 67,000 miles, fuel cap is tight,I always make sure the cap clicks several times when refueling.

Owner’s manual indicates an emission problem.

Advanced Auto Parts scanned vehicle,

this is what I was told- Catalyst Efficency below threshold (bank 1), PO420 Indicating the convertor may be going bad. What do you think?


Took the CR-V into the Honda dealer,they confirmed Advanced Auto Parts work. P0420, they told me the reason the malfuntion indicator lamp came on was possibily “bad or poor gas”,they reset the indicator lamp after going through a Honda profile on this problem. Thet said if the lamp comes on again the will replace the Cat.convertor.The Cat-convertor is covered for 8yrs. or 80,000miles.I see what happens.