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05' Dodge Grand Caravan - AC Fan not working

‎’05 Dodge Grand Caravan - The blower was making crazy sounds for a few months, it completely stopped a week or so ago. I talked to a few folks about it who thought it might be the motor. I bought a “new” - used - motor from a junkyard yesterday. Spent a few hours trying to get the last of the screws off the blower motor cover (between the firewall and the cover). We got it all reassembled and the new motor doesn’t seem to have fixed the problem. I don’t really have anyway to test the new/used motor outside of my van. I have checked all of the fuses.

I’m pretty sure the AC is actually working as cool air blows from the vents when the van is moving.

Did you try the fan on full speed?

One possibility is that your old, dragging fan burned up the fan resistor and/or switch and/or fuse. Another, of course, is that the fan never was the problem.

You can easily test either blower motor using a couple of pieces of wire & the battery under the hood. Just jumper it straight to the fan connector - briefly. Keep your fingers away from the fan. You’ll know immediately if the fan works.

Then you want a multimeter to find out whether you’re getting 12V at the connector harness in the van.

If you’re not comfortable with any of that then its time to just go to a shop.

If you are going to work on this yourself you would be wise to invest in a service manual for the vehicle. A factory one is best since it covers all the details that others don’t. While motors do go bad it would have been one of the last things I would have suspected. Fuses, relays, fan speed controller, or bad connections would be more likely suspected thigs in my book.