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05 caravan hesitation

my 05 dodge caravan hesitates on acceleration but seems to be ok at higher speeds though. some sites said the egr valve was replaced and corrected this, others were vague. is this all i need?

I would hesitate too. At these latter-day prices, you might consider borrowing a code reader and buying a Haynes manual or similar book which lists codes and gives you a guess as to where the problem is.

Sometimes there are a heck of a lot more than three guesses before the right part is replaced or the right fix is applied. Everything under the hood seems to start at the $120 level.

The moral of the story is that cars don’t have morals. They can blow out your credit card faster than telemarketers. There’s a lot more to a system than just one part. Then there are times when you read a code, get it translated and fix the problem with the first guess. It’s not fair.

More real info needed. Miles on the car? Last replacement of spark plugs? Last new air filter? stuff like that. So many things can cause a “hesitation”, ERG valve is one of many possible causes.