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04 Taurus issues after 3 mechanics

Oh, OK. I have a learning disability but I’m also just plain stupid so sometimes things fly over my head.

The car is in the shop currently. I am just waiting to hear exactly what is wrong so that I will know whether or not it is worth it to fix.

Unless you get it to a shop you want find out what is wrong with it. You only get ideas and recommendation on this forum, very seldom an exact diagnosis. As you can read, the ideas range from busted radiator to a bad suspension. Since you are not mechanically inclined and can’t do some of things suggested here, you won’t have much choice but to cough up ~$100 to get a real diagnose.

PS. I am not sure why you keep referring to a learning disability. Checking fluid levels does not require a PhD.

On reading your post OP, my simple-minded thinking is that your car is probably near the end of its economic life, for you anyway. Odds are you have both major engine and transmission problems.
First off, for someone with a learning disability you surely write in a clear fashion. Very few posters are able to explain their problem as well as you do.

I’m thinking you’re going to be buying another car soon. But if you feel lucky, there’s always the chance whatever’s broken is not a major thing & will be simple enough to fix. For the transmission, you could ask your shop to do a basic service, which means they’ll drain & replace the fluid, replace the filter (if that is inexpensive for your car, not so in every car), and check for metal debris in the fluid that comes out. They might actually remove the transmission pan and clean it too.

For the engine, white smoke is often a sign of coolant getting into the cylinders, which is often very expensive to fix. But it might just be a faulty intake manifold gasket. And white smoke can be caused by brake fluid or transmission fluid getting into the engine, due to a faulty brake booster, or transmission vacuum modulator. So those things might be worth checking.

PHD’s and other degrees. The BS is something we know about.
MS means more of same.
PHD means piled higher and deeper.

Thank you all. I mention it because I am self-conscious about it and if there is something I don’t understand, by definition I would not necessarily be aware of it.

The latest mechanic said that I need a new transmission. He said it will cost about $1500. I do not know if my car is worth $1500. That is what I am trying to figure out now.

He said the motor is in good shape and everything is maintained well. But I have 200,000+ Miles so I am not sure if I believe that.

Thank you for all the help.

A problem like that usually doesn’t go away by itself. The engine is no longer smoking?

I will just add that from your posts you do not seem to have a learning disability and you are not stupid. Don’t be so down on yourself.

Not knowing or understanding something about a car does not mean you’re disabled or stupid. It only means you’re ignorant of the automobile facts and ignorant does NOT mean stupid. It only means you do not know.
EVERY single person on the planet is ignorant of multiple somethings including me.

Off your meds today dodgevan? :wink:

Agree with @ok4450 Education cures ignorance… stupid is forever. Your posts clearly show you are not stupid.

Sarcasm does not come over well in written text. I guessed that your comment was sarcastic, but i could see someone with limited auto knowledge taking it seriously.

heard a tv critic on his weekly radio gig talking about gong show remake. he said host was rather odd. sort of a not-funny british guy. tv critics companion said that it was mike Meyers from Austin power movies in makeup doing his best/worst british tv host. tv critic was totally unaware of this. they kept talking and I still think at end of radio show that the tv critic still did not understand the info. so was he ignorant? well, I think tv critics are not hired for their brains.

I agree with you, in the sense that OP comes across just fine, no sign of any learning disability. Not obvious to me, in any case :thumbsup:

That said, there are many people that have disabilities . . . of all kinds . . . that are not readily apparent, not even when you’re talking to them, or even looking at them

There’s probably regulars on this website with disabilities, who not yet mentioned that fact to the others, and perhaps never will

We don’t know what disability OP was diagnosed with, and I don’t doubt its real

I like your positive attitude, btw :smile_cat:

Why did you choose to bring a 3 year old post up? I assume this issue is resolved now one way or the other.

What word should I have used other than “ignorant”: and which I clearly stated that it does NOT mean disabled or stupid ? The OP’s post was well written I thought as are the follow-ups.

@Shemiah_Scran – Could you please explain how you found this thread and why it bothered you so much . Did you actually read all 30 + posts and log in just to jump on someone ?