04 Sienna Wiper Problems

I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna, When the wipers are on they reach what would be the park position, stop for less than second and extend past the park position for an inch or two. Then contine to wipe the windshield. This happens on every wiper stroke. Is there an adjustment. It isvey annoying

Yes, there is an adjustment. You can remove the wiper arms from their shafts and reposition them so they wipe the correct area of the windshield.

The caps that cover the shafts pivot up to reveal the nuts that hold the arms to the shafts.

Be careful. Small adjustments in position yield large results.

Any other ideas, After I adjusted the wiper arm the wiper still goes past the home position . now off the windshield.

To give little more troubleshooting information, The wiper goes down before it goes up. So I re-positioned the wiper so that when wiper starts up the wiper stays on the glass. It is also more visible in the intermittent wiper mode