04 rav4, I'm stumped

I bought an 04 rav4 that had a leaking main seal in the transmission. Replaced the transmission which fixed the leak. Upon trying to drive it, it was barely wanting to move, thinking it was in 3rd gear, and upon researching it replaced the ecm. After replacing, it started fine and would move without hesitation. Power steering reservoir was low and had air in the lines. Upon adding fluid and starting the vehicle to bleed the air out, on 4th start it wouldn’t crank. When turning the key, it would make a buzzing sound and would register 2000 rpms, but nothing would happen. I replaced the starter, and starter relay. It now cranks but isn’t trying to start. Has a brand new battery as well, and hooked up the triple charger to it to verify it’s not just a weak battery. I’m at a loss of what to try next.?.

You are all over the broken car map here. These do not seem related so you need to answer several questions before we can help.

Manual or auto trans?
Miles on engine? Which engine?
Is the check engine light on? What are the stored codes?..in the form P1234 please.
Do you own and know how to use a Voltmeter?
Have you tried spraying starter fluid into the intake while trying to.start it? Does it start and run as long as you are spraying?


The ignition immobilizer system was available in 2004 but I don’t know if all Rav4s came with the immobilizer.

When replacing the ECM on vehicles with the immobilizer it is necessary to register the key(s), do you have a security light on or flashing?