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04 Lancer bogs down when accelerate to fast

My 04 lancer ralli art is a 5 speed and runs great at times. If I put the gas down either half throttle or anything over that the engine will bog down and won’t let me accelerate fast. I have to put gas down at full power to barely get up to speed. It acts like it puts the rev limiter at 3200 rpms instead of over 6k. Can’t go over 64 on highway or it starts to shake and won’t go faster than 64. Does this sound serious or maybe the electronic idle control device. Please help me out.

It could be starving for gas because of a dirty fuel filter and a dirty air filter.

hellokit gave precisely the first 2 things. If those are replaced and problem continues go to testing the fuel pump.

Do you think it could be a spark plug issue? I have heard some people with a problem like mine on a subaru and they got the plugs and wires replaced and it worked. or should I replace the fuel filter first to see if that is the main problem? Thanks for all the help so far.

How old are those plugs and wires. If they are due for replacement, then I would replace them first. I would not expect that to fix the problem, but you need to replace them anyway.

as far as i know the plugs are at least 3 yrs old. probably about 5 or 6 yrs old. I bought the car a little over 3 years ago so they haven’t been changed since i owned it and assume they weren’t changed before i owned it.