'04 Jetta Brake warning light

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I’ve got a warning light on that looks like a circle with three dashes curving around the left and three dashes curving around on the right. I believe this is the indicator that I have only a certain percentage of pad left. Can anyone tell me what percentage it would indicate?

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okay, maybe a little more. But get the pads changed ASAP.
I believe this light gets illuminated when there’s only about 1/8" of lining remaining (give or take). It won’t be long before you’re grinding metal.

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Thanks. Well, we’re at 85,000 miles, and I believe we’re still on the original front brakes. If I’ve got 1/8th left, then I could go another 10,000. Changing them right now, then, means I’m doing it again at 170,000. If I could wait another 5,000 I’d then be good until 180,000. Being my first VW, I’m wondering if that won’t end up falling right around the time I’d be getting rid of it anyway.

So wouldn’t I be ok to go another 5,000?


Do you really want to gamble with your brakes?
Don’t forget the old saying–“A fatal accident can ruin your entire day”.